Andrea Yospe


Creates homunculi from organic matter. These homunculi vary in shape and size, and are capable of performing a multitude of simple tasks – although an individual homunculus is normally only capable of two or three.

These homunculi are created through her kneading organic matter into a special substance. If she wishes to be truly vicious, she can use this ability on living things, which is an excruciating experience.

The really interesting part of her power is that she can, at any time, transform part of a homunculus into a replica of a body part of her own, provided there is enough mass. These replicas are linked to the original body part – all movements and senses are linked, including pain. Injury, however, is not. She can only have one replica of any body part at any time, but she can sever the connection to the replicas whenever she likes. If she does, the replicated part stays attached to the homunculus, but is for all intents and purposes dead flesh.

If she suffers an injury, even as severe as losing limbs or more, she can use homunculi with enough mass to regrow those parts and physically heal herself. She is also capable of doing the same for others – results vary.

As Manikin, Andrea uses an appearance that aims to intimidate foes. Her costume is a full-body Homunculus which has the appearance a bloated, hairless, smooth-fleshed Ken-doll that brings her in at 7’8″ and 530lbs, up from her normal 5’6″ and 137 lbs. Her appearance is indented to intimidate foes, since she believes having an expressionless fleshy giant man as an opponent would hurt concentration.

Though she does not take any pleasure from intimidation and violence, she certainly does not shy away from it – although she avoids unnecessary brutality. Preferring assertive and sometimes even aggressive action over waiting or risking doing too little, she will do what she can to maintain an advantage or stay safe.

She is willing to play dirty, and in a fight she will absolutely hit below the belt to take an enemy out of commission. In dealing with enemies, she will lie or misdirect others when she strongly feels it will help her. However, she dislikes outright manipulation and lies, especially when it means deliberately hurting others emotionally.

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